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Isaiah 46:3 - 46:4. God never gives a man pardon but to set him free for effort, and to constrain him for duty. God is ever present and ever active, and all the operations of nature are the manifestations of His living care (Psa ; Mat 10:29; Luk 12:24, &c.). The elasticity of youth rises above a change of circumstances; old age sinks under it. Isa ). https: A feeling that those round about them would be glad to get rid of them.—In a word, TIME AGAINST THEM, more and more! And will He not answer, “I have made, and I will bear”? Glorify Him by calm faith in the final hour. Now, what the body needs for its world, the soul needs for hers. Even to your old age I am he; even to hoar hairs, Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament. Isaiah 46:4. "If God forgets His people, He must forget His own Son who stands continually before Him as a lamb newly slain, pleading, "Father, remember my people.". The same he ever was, the eternal and unchangeable Jehovah; the same in his love and affections; in his sympathy and care; in his power and protection; in his promises, truth, and faithfulness to his people, in their last days, as at the first moment of their conversion; and therefore they are safe; see Psalm 102:27. and even to hoar hairs will I carry youF14This seems to express more than old age, as Ben Melech observes hence the Jews say, a man sixty years old is come to old age, and one of seventy to hoary hairs. 1629). Denomination: Methodist. Parental love is not conditioned on a child’s goodness. It is to point out the pleasure God takes in making promises of mercy to His aged people, and to fix their view on the Author of it, that they may confide more fully in its accomplishment. He will never abandon them to the caprice or malice of their enemies, or leave them to be the sport of circumstances. He created, permitted us to be born as members of a sinful race. They encouraged the exiled Jews to put their trust in the Lord. Unwearied. Those with whom they are obliged to have dealings are apt to take advantage of their decays to deceive them. II. He again argues in the same manner. 3. The promise of the text will show you, if you live to be old, how God will be your friend in that needful time, if you put yourself in the way of the promise. Copyright StatementThe New John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible Modernised and adapted for the computer by Larry Pierce of Online Bible. (3.) He will tend us all the way from infancy to old age, and then He will not forsake us. They forget much which they would wish to remember; but still they find that their God is just the same; that His goodness does not depend on their memory; that the sweetness of His grace does not depend upon their palate. Isaiah 46:4: Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. The unchangeableness of God adds the strongest security to His promises and covenant, and is a sufficient encouragement to His people to hope in Him, whatever changes and alterations there may be in the world about them (Psa 89:34; Psa 48:14). The old saint hath few hopes of the future in this world; they are gathered up into a small space; and he can tell you, in a few words, what constitutes all his expectation and desire. If this great choice is not made in youth, it probably never will be made (H. E. I, 1457, 1458).—Job Orton, S. T. P: Practical Works, vol. By way of contrast, the LORD saves His people to the uttermost. He has cared for us ever since He did make us: "Borne by Me from the birth, carried by Me from the womb!" Redemption, in one sense, grows out of creation. Thou saidst then, “My hope is in the blood of Jesus Christ.” And the object or end of hope, is not that the same? Let aged transgressors consider, that none of these consolations is theirs, and that they exclude themselves from them by their temper and conduct. He redeemed, and will lead to perfect rest and joy. Old age, when connected with piety, admits of many consolations. Provide for advancing age. Scripture: Isaiah 46:4. How marvellous have been His patience with us and His providential care! 2. Munera sint author quae preciosa facit. 4. 3. 1909-1922. This was no small comfort to old David, {Psalms 71:18} to Dr Rivet and others; and well it might. Others have claimed us as children; and we early learned to say, My father. 4. Men do so in many respects. 2. Idolaters carry their gods, but our God carries us. Who can measure the duration of the mother's love for the child she has carried in her womb? This is intimated in the text, which is a promise of continued care and favour; and it is plainly expressed in the preceding verse. Isaiah 46:4 Context. Judgment on the daughters of Zion and a glorious hope. But all this only proves that Christ is the same; because, when there are fewer earthly joys, He gives more spiritual ones. (1.) What a consoling promise! ; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. God will not leave his people in the decline of life, when pressing infirmities are upon them, and they stand in as much need as ever of being bore up, supported, and carried: wherefore it follows. 2. The old man has a good experience to talk about. What has God done for us already? Under the infirmities of nature, He will afford them the consolations of religion; elevate their minds above the trifles of earth and sense; strengthen their faith in His promises; and enlighten the eyes of their understandings, to see the glorious inheritance of the saints, and their own title to and qualification for it (2Co 4:16). The aged need the fulfilment of this promise. 1870. THE CRY OF THE AGED SAINT IN TIME OF DISTRESS (Psa ). It assures them of His patience and indulgence. 2. What is the ground of thy hope? God only can enable us to accomplish it. His promises are made to His friends; His threats to His enemies. IV. He delivers them from trouble. The purpose is formed in the tenderness of unchanging love. He has learned by a thousand proofs that "all things work together for good," &c. IV. BibliographyCalvin, John. Lean on One who is independent of changes. In these melancholy circumstances, God will bear and lift up their souls. These words were addressed to God's ancient people in view of the time when Babylon would be brought to ruin. But God insists that just here He is most anxious to bear him up. "Commentary on Isaiah 46:4". Even to your old age I will be the same, And even to your graying years I will bear you! In the continued possession of his life's chief good. 1. If that be God’s bearing, how wrong those are who, instead of asking God to carry them, are more anxious about how He and His religion are to be sustained by their consistency or efforts! Happy is it for those who in full faith can pray: "Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth." Poverty is a frequent accompaniment of old age.—Such a termination of human life, when viewed apart from religion, is cheerless and melancholy. Let us see how God carries men.—The first requisite for an upright bearing is ground—something to rest upon. At such times we remember several things, as that it is a period. Let us not presume on it. God declares that He is not simply the God of the young saint; that He is not simply the God of the middle-aged saint: but that He is the God of the saints in all their ages from the cradle to the tomb. but God can and will save Israel: Cyrus is his instrument. Only those whom God has guided to old age can count with certainty on His support and blessing in old age. ; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. "Commentary on Isaiah 46:4". But God is not by grace going to undo His work by nature. How many are the burdens of old age from without! Isa ). IV. Again, in His bearing God bears, and does not overbear, using a man not as a man uses a stick, but as a soul uses a body,--informing, inspiring, recreating his natural faculties. Some from whom they have good reason to expect assistance, ungratefully forsake them. One reason why we take so slowly to the idea of God’s bearing or carrying us, is because we divorce it from the fact that He made us; and we rook at the bearing simply as a concession, forgetting that God the Redeemer is bound up with God the Creator. 1. Is there any evil so great that He cannot deliver you from it, any good so valuable that He cannot confer it upon you? "Commentary on Isaiah 46:4". The wonderful condescension of God (Psa ). Did you ever see a little child hanging upon its mother's gown, crying to be carried, and the cry answered with a kind word and many a kiss? What they hear and read quickly slips away; and their minds are no longer easily impressed with divine truths. "Even I will carry you, and will deliver you." II. II. They may encourage us in the like manner in spite of the presence or the gloomy prospect of old age. And the most steadfast moral universe, and most righteous moral governor, is no comfort--but rather the reverse--to the man with a bad conscience, whether thatconscience be due to the guilt or to the habit of sin. It is mentioned to the honour of Job in his great affliction, that in all this he sinned not, nor charged God foolishly. I am he—that is, the same (Ps 102:27; Joh 8:24; Heb 13:8). Isaiah 46:4 And even to your old age I am He The best support in frailty Nothing can exhibit the character of God in a more amiable point of view, than the representations which the Scriptures give us of His conduct to youth and age. 2. That God Himself is unchanged when we come to old age, surely I have no need to prove. This. To be our Friend in old age. He hath no children to launch out in business. 46:1-4 The heathen insulted the Jews, as if their idols Bel and Nebo were too hard for Jehovah. Isaiah 4 – The Messiah’s Community A. The cross is its measure. 1. If you would have it then, you must seek it now, in your childhood, and live in it in your youth and your manhood. 5. Commentary. The enjoyment of existence departs. For this purpose, Isaiah describes the desolation Cyrus should bring upon Babylon, and foretells that he should carry captive their gods, who would be insufficient to help either their worshippers or themselves. 2. His permanent existence. He seems to mention it with pleasure, then let me think of it with gratitude. But it was not necessary to mention it--old age and death are so near each other--they touch. Venerable fathers in the faith, and mothers in Israel, take these words for your joy. The Gospel would be no gospel if it could not lift a man out of the fear of his sin. A wise thing to do. Not by getting hard, gloomy, uninterested. You who are young, make the Lord your confidence from your earliest days. In youth, saints are apt to err on the side of presumption, and in old age, on that of despondence. God will deliver them out of all their fears and tribulations. IV. Many distrust religion, as if it were to be an overbearing of their originality. How utterly forsaken and destitute are some of the aged! 1457, 1458, 4246). But if any one shall examine it properly, it will be found that we never make so great progress as not to need to be upheld by the strength of God, for otherwise the most perfect man would stumble every moment; as David also testifies, “Forsake me not in the time of old age, withdraw not from me when my strength faileth.” (Psalms 71:9. (2.) Simply to forgive the past is not enough. THE ARGUMENT BY WHICH GOD ENCOURAGES US TO EXPECT HIS CONTINUED CARE. The nearness of salvation should reconcile you to affliction and death. Let it teach you to be joyful. 1 Bel boweth down, Nebo stoopeth, their idols were upon the beasts, and upon the cattle: your carriages were heavy loaden; they are a burden to the weary beast.. He takes us up in His supporting arms as soon as we draw our first breath, and never leaves us, if we do not leave Him, until we have drawn our last. Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. It is only said that He will be with you “to old age, and to hoar hairs.” He will be with you all through “the months of vanity, and the wearisome nights appointed you”; He will be with you even when “your heart and flesh fail you.” This is implied. THE ANTIDOTE THEY ADMINISTER. BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. Nebo was his eldest son, the secretary of the council of gods and custodian of the Tablets of Destiny. To old age and hoary hairs. Most of the friends of earlier days have gone whence there is no return; and there is neither equal disposition nor opportunity to make new ones. Must He not know all your needs, distresses, and fears? 1685. even = yea. THE APPREHENSIONS THEY CONTEMPLATE. God saith in the text, “Even to your old age,” &c. I. I have made you and I will carry you; The wealthy aged are apt to be haunted and irritated by consideration. Death stands before them; a dark enemy who must be faced; a dread moment when, amidst unknown suffering, all that has made life interesting must be left behind. The meaning is, that if you should reach this period you need not be afraid of it; He will be with you, and “a very present help in trouble.”, 2. Active and effectual. Isaiah 45 Isaiah 47 ... An integrated digital Bible study library - including complete notes from the Believer's Bible Commentary and the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible (NIV and NRSV) - is just a step away! May we not regard this declaration as a sufficient antidote to the apprehensions we are apt to entertain in prospect of the various anxieties and inconveniences of advancing years? As the Creator of our bodies and the Father of our spirits, God acknowledges His obligation to guide and care for us. These He calls His "beloved," &c. None are overlooked or neglected. His carrying is not mechanical, but natural; not from below, but from within. "What do you mean by putting ourselves in the way of the promise?" III. What a consolatory declaration—sufficient to silence all our fears, and to afford us quietness and peace for ever. 1. We will notice, I. 3. Used by Permission. Ver. But it is not safe to trust to this exclusively and too confidently. "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible - Unabridged". they would all reply, with loud and grateful rapture, ‘He doth care for His people,' &c. Those who are now on the way to heaven can testify to God's loving care. I have made; these persons, not merely as creatures, but as new creatures; they are formed for myself; they are my sons and daughters, the works of my hands: I have an interest in them. https: The same may be said of creature confidences. "Commentary on Isaiah 46:4". I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. This gospel, however, must be accompanied with repentance and perseverance in holiness. Unavailable per item Add this print in your home or office as a constant reminder of God’s grace in your life. Courage in view of death (Psa 23:4).—Alfred Tucker. Isa , &c.) The former arguments apply with double force. I. 1. The promise assures aged saints of the kindest tokens of endearment from their God and Father. "Even to your old age, I am He." But the Guide of their youth lives to be the companion of their age. His unchanging purpose. (Prof. G. A. Smith, D. D.). The inmates bear upon them marks of the fight--the mutilated limb or the scar of battle, or medals hang on their breast, the mementoes of brave and heroic deeds. (H. Belfrage, D. D.). Why? You middleaged men are plunged in the midst of business, and you are sometimes supposing what will become of you in your old age. (Isa 26:4). We cannot feel it more than He does. 1999. (n) This seems to express more than old age, as Ben Melech observes hence the Jews say, a man sixty years old is come to old age, and one of seventy to hoary hairs. The eagle beateth her young out of the nest when able to prey upon their own wing; (a) but God dealeth better a great deal with his, whom he never casteth off; as neither doth he his labouring and languishing Church, upon whom the ends of the world are come. Where an inheritance has been derived from ancestors, and where successful commercial enterprise has realised wealth, it is not so. Consider—. III. Such distress has a tendency to weaken their confidence in God. God does not carry dead men. "God can put a fresh kernel into an old and worn-out husk." This item is a high-quality digital file of an original piece by Laura Krokos. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible. The relations He sustains to us. It makes all the difference to a man how he conceives his religion--whether as something that he has to carry, or as something that will carry him. I remember hearing the late Mr. Jay. God delivers us also by trouble (Psa ). God says, "I will." He hath been careful of you and kind to you hitherto. Learn more today! 2. What to do if your kids are going sideways! He tells us, "I have made you." And the result is that the aged believer is often a "grand old man" still bringing forth fruit, counselling others from his ripe experience, cheered by happy memories and glowing hopes, not frowning on the happiness of others, contented, trustful, loving, kind. Isa ). 53:4, 11). Isaiah 46:4 Parallel. The aged are ready to complain, and in many cases with truth, that relatives and friends are cold to them, and weary of them. This is one of the promises of God. Has He made you a new man? God has made this sin and guilt of ours His special care and anguish. https: 3 Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, which are borne [by me] from the belly, which are carried from the womb:. What is the reason why the word “I” is five times repeated in this verse? "I have made you," and (chap. II. God hath made. What a precious thought, young men and women, is contained in this text! The care of earthly parents gradually dies away as their children reach maturity. He has made and fashioned us; He has implanted within us appetites that only He can satisfy; He has placed us amid circumstances of unusual difficulty, and entrusted to us work of unwonted importance; He has committed to us the post of duty which taxes us to the uttermost: and because He has done all this, He is responsible for all that is needed for the accomplishment of His purposes. I am he — that is, the same (Psalm 102:27; John 8:24; Hebrews 13:8). Bel was the patron-god of Babylon, the king of the gods and determiner of the destinies of nations. II. He fears every now and then that the pitcher will be "broken at the cistern;" for "the noise of the grinders is low." (Even) to (your) old age - as your ... you ... you, are not in the Hebrew, the sentiment is more general than the English version, though of course it includes the Jews from the infancy to the more advanced age of their history (Isaiah 47:6). If you are children of God through Jesus Christ, all His promises are your inheritance and estate. I will bear … carry—Not only do I not need to be borne and carried Myself, as the idols (Isa 46:1). The two ideas of creating and carrying are thrown together, and in such a way as to show that they are related: that IN THE FACT OF GOD THE CREATOR LIES ENFOLDED THE FACT OF GOD THE REDEEMER. 1. Prepare!—The Homiletical Library, vol. V. In the near prospect of realising his life's brightest hopes. The young artist knows that his first picture stands no chance in comparison with the works of his masters, and yet that piece of canvas is more to him than a Raphael or a Rembrandt. 1. Diminished strength of body and of mind. I. Have I not a soul which shall never die? The teaching and promises of His Word (Psa ; 2Sa 23:5; Isa 49:15; Heb 6:17-18, &c.). i. pp. I remain, unchangeably, with the same tenderness, the same affection, the same care. Guernsey: The American National Preacher. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". It is pitiable to see an old man who has missed the object of life. Caleb could say, "Now, lo! 2. 4. They are those incident to old age and its prospect. The experience of His people (Deu ). Many of God's aged servants, through the languor of their spirits or weakness of their faith, are continually distressed with anxious fears of poverty, of increasing afflictions, of the temptations peculiar to old age, of apostacy in their last days, of death. THE EXPLANATION of Isaiah Chapter 46 (Note: Rev. Size is 8 x 10. Frame is not included. Listen to what David says, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”, 3. Trust in man is often met by faithlessness. 4. I. BibliographyPoole, Matthew, "Commentary on Isaiah 46:4". 1. It supposes helplessness on their side; and tender support and assistance on His. BibliographyEllicott, Charles John. He will ever succour them under their trials. When he says, “Even to old age,” (217) it might be thought absurd; for we ought to become full-grown men after having been carried by God from infancy. David Guzik commentary on Isaiah 46 describes how the idols of the nations are carried into captivity, while the living God can save His people. Sometimes their circumstances are such, that they cannot get rid of its cares and hurries. I am he - i:e., the Same (Psalms 102:27; John 8:24; Hebrews 13:8). But this Gospel of God’s love bearing our sins is of no use to a man unless it goes with another--that God bears him up for victory over temptation, for attainment in holiness. He is an unchangeable God. Ask all proffered comforters and guides if they will stay by you in old age. He says, "I will bear, I will carry, I will deliver you." The Psalmist says, "He has made me and fashioned me;" He has made me what is called a man. In anything that one makes he has a peculiar interest. All that is included in the word “bear” is practically pledged to us in the fact of creation. When an enthusiastic sculptor has once conceived the idea of a statue, he is not daunted by hardness in the stone, nor by defects in the grain. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? It can be done only by laying hold of the promise of the text.—What a great promise this is? May we not ask Him to bear with us whom He made, redeemed, and took to be His children by adoption and grace? You have the promise of effectual support and of complete deliverance. SOME OF THE PRACTICAL LESSONS WHICH THIS DOCTRINE TEACHES. Have I not an intellectual part, which distinguishes me from the brute creation? You find that in the New Testament. 3. "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. But there is a higher sense of the expression, "I have made." The best old Christians are those who were once young Christians. That He is thus unchangeable is clear from—. "To pass out of the world in the world's debt; to have consumed much and produced nothing; to have sat down at the feast and gone away without paying his reckoning, is not, to put it in the mildest way, a satisfactory transaction" (Earl of Derby). Church Pulpit Commentary. But he has one hope, and that is the very same which he had when he first trusted in Christ; it is a hope of an inheritance that is "undefiled, that fadeth not away," &c. 3. 3. God does not regard what we deserve, but continues his grace toward us; and therefore we ought to draw confidence from it, “Thou didst createus, not only that we might be human beings, but that we might be thy children; and therefore thou wilt continue till the end to exercise continually toward us the care of a father and of a mother.”. Let the conduct of God to the aged be imitated by us as far as possible. Your carriages were heavily loaded: Isaiah pictures God's people "Even to boar hairs will I carry you." I remain, unchangeably, with the same tenderness, the same affection, the same care. While no one can be certain that he will reach old age, no reflecting man can fail to think sometimes of the possibility that he may.

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