houblon £50 note

The Houblon £50 note was first introduced in to circulation in 1994. From April 30, only the £50 note which celebrates the Victoria Cleland, head of notes division at the bank, said: "If you have any Houblon £50 notes, it's best to spend, deposit or exchange them before April 30." From 30 April some £50 notes will no longer be legal tender The £50 note featuring Sir John Houblon will stop being legal tender on 30 April. The Bank of England has calculated that there are still at least 53 million of them in circulation, with a value of £2.65bn. Around 224 million £50 notes … The current £50 bank notes were issued on November 2, 2011 and feature Matthew Boulton and James Watt. Unfortunately for any of you keeping a cash stash at home, you may have a problem as from 1 st May as the £50 note featuring the first governor of the Bank of England, Sir John Houblon, will be withdrawn from circulation. These notes are sometimes referred to as the £50 E series note. In total, about 224 million £50 notes worth £11.2 billion are in circulation, of which the Bank estimates 63 million with a total value of £3.2 billion are Houblon notes. If you happen to find any of them you won’t be able to use them in shops, but you can get notes exchanged by the Bank of England either by visiting its London premises or by post. I would of course not even try to use them for small purchases, but assuming the bill is close to £50, will these notes be accepted? Note that any £50 notes featuring Sir John Houblon were withdrawn from legal currency on 30 April 2014. 50EWE Why is the Houblon £50 note being withdrawn? £50 Series E. Date first issued: 20 April 1994 Date ceased to be legal tender: 30 April 2014 Colour: Multicoloured (predominantly red) Size: 6 1/7" x 3 1/3" (156mm x 85mm) Design: Roger Withington. The Bank of England regularly reviews and updates its notes in order to take advantage of advances in banknote design and security features. The Bank of England is withdrawing 63 million £50 notes from circulation following a review of the note's ability to withstand fraud. Photograph: Bank Of England/PA Or should I exchange them at … Will I be trouble using them? Around 224 million £50 notes worth £11.2 billion are in circulation, of which the Bank estimates 63 million with a total value of £3.2 billion are Houblon notes. 06/09/2020 Auction 170: English Banknotes: Lot 40: Fifty Pounds Catterns White note World War II German Operation BERNHARD forgery B231OB dated 15th June 1933 serial number 50/N 20861, presentable VF - GVF with the usual several pinholes at upper left and an underlined 50 numeral in pencil at upper right The note in question bears the portrait of the first bank governor, Sir John Houblon, who took office in 1694. Windowed thread on the front of the note. Additional security features: foil patch. Bank of England is to withdraw the older version of the notes on Wednesday in fraud crackdown. These notes have a Mr. Houblon on the back and were printed in 1994. Sir John Houblon portrayed on back. It is the largest note in UK currency, measuring at …

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